calibrating joystick or gamepad can be a real challenge for gamers. The majority of gamepads have been manufactured for ergonomics to optimize for your preference. The challenges come when choosing a design and finding the optimum for your needs.

Here are steps to help you find the right gamepad for you:

  1. Jogos

Jogos is one of the most favorite gaming peripherals nowadays. It is one of the advanced seventh-generation gamepads available in the market. Jogos hail from Europe and are proud to be considered as the first controllers for online play. Jogos provide the optimal joystick with extended buttons that help in instant reaction time for shooters, first-person shooters, and real-time strategy games.

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft is undeniably one of the major players in the industry of gaming devices. Xbox 360 is another one of the amazing game consoles that promise the ultimate gaming experience to Xbox owners. Microsoft’s latest addition to the Xbox family is the Xbox 360 Slim console which was released on May 12, 2007. The console unveiled new features such as built-in WiFi and an achievements update system. The new console features a new smaller Xbox 360 size Reduced power consumption and a 45nm cell processor. The console has a brand new design with a glossy black exterior

  1. Logitec

Logitec is a professional video game accessories manufacturer that provides almost professional-looking accessories for most of the game consoles in the market. Logitec’s line of video game controls is second to none due to their Depotvideo Game Controller and Frostbite Gamepad Controller. Other products include the Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adapter, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, Logitec expansive M3 DS Lite, and the Xbox 360 All In One Card Player.

  1. DPI Testing Accessories

DPI Testing Accessories help in defining the precise point of movement for electronic devices. It is done so that precise movements can be defined for the mouse, touch screen, stylus, and voice recognition system used in downloadable video games for example Kinect and Nintendo Wii. DPI Testing Accessories consist of a mouse, touchpad, stylus, and joystick that can be used in games having the ability to read the analog position.

  1. Joytech

Joytech is a well-known manufacturer of handheld electronic devices for gamers. The company launched its first Game Jam Portable in 2007. The first Game Jam portable had the ability to supply the brand new Nintendo DS snooping feature. The company now continues to provide new snooping games for the other major game consoles. Among the products available from the company is the PlayStation Portable G2 USB Headset, PlayStation 3 range of wireless tools such as the Skidproof gloves, Forerunner 230 AWP Sites, Dust-buster users’ kits, CroATOR hats, and several other amazing products.

  1. Xbox 360

Microsoft’s latest game console Xbox 360 delivers a fantastic gaming experience to its users. The console is the successor of the Xbox and the main competitor of the PlayStation 3. This game console is the successor of the Xbox and the main competitor of the PlayStation 3. This also has a number of very cool features that make the console more cool and popular among its users. Among the features of the Xbox 360 are its 60 GB hard drive, Xbox Live headset to let players communicate with other players, jigsaw puzzles that can be transferred to the Xbox 360 hard drive, massive 250 GB hard disk, HDMI output with 1080p support, wireless controllers with force feedback, headset, and built-in directional clicker.

  1. Nintendo

Nintendo released another video game console named Wii. It is the fifth video game console released by Nintendo and is the successor of the Nintendo GameCube. Wii comes with a wireless controller known as a Wii remote. This device is used for interaction purposes. It is a handheld video game console. Wii also offers several other innovative features. Wii Connect 24 is a service that offers several downloadable games and messages from the Internet. Wii also lets players locate their nearest gaming station and lets them compete with other Wii users.

  1. Xbox360

This is the final video game console offered by Microsoft. It is the successor of Xbox and a major competitor of the PlayStation 3. With the recent release of Xbox360, Windows Vista is now supported in Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 lets players play DVDs, open files, stream video, and CD music. Xbox 360 is integrated with the Xbox Live service that allows players to compete online. There are several other impressive features offered by this device.

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